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Seniority is Everything

We are at a cross roads in the aviation industry. Here we are…another crisis has crippled the airlines, thus bringing about another round of upcoming furloughs. But something is different this time. Change is in the air. Before I go any further, I’d like to set a scenario for you. A large corporate office suddenlyContinue reading “Seniority is Everything”

How to Fly During a Pandemic

Naomi Campbell, supermodel, queen of the catwalk and world traveler extraordinaire, has a few videos on her YouTube channel about her air travel experiences. One of those videos was done a few months back and shows how she chose to protect herself while flying during this pandemic. And as an added bonus, here is anotherContinue reading “How to Fly During a Pandemic”

Now…a WARNing

I receiving the much dreaded WARN notice this weekend from my airline. Finally! And I don’t mean finally with excitement or happiness about receiving the notice. I mean finally…after months of company communication regarding the future of the airline all in the interest of transparency (which, by the way, was always riddled with politically correctContinue reading “Now…a WARNing”

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